Honey Badger Wrestling Club ELITE

HBWC Elite is a new program for our wrestlers who want to take their wrestling to a new level.  There is an old saying, "if your the best in the wrestling room, time to find a new room". Living in Northwest Arkansas easily allows us to "find a new room" outside of Arkansas.  We are dedicated to take our wrestlers where they can be tested, molded, and refined.  But.....

     What if we could bring that coaching and competition home, to us, to our room?  This  is the genesis of HBWC Elite.  HBWC combines our current program and coaches with the "ThreeStyle" coaches and wrestlers.  Johnny and Tony Cook are two elite level coaches out of Oklahoma.  (Click on the ThreeStyle tab for their biographies)  Johnny and Tony have agreed to  bring there talents and some of there wrestlers to HBWC.

   The ThreeStyle coaching staff will be conducting 3 practices a week at HBWC.  The HBWC coaching staff will be there to assist the coaches and learn the terminology.   During the other HBWC practices , the same terminology will be used to create a devastating wrestling style proven to win National Championships.