3 Style  Wrestling runs all year.  You can start at anytime.

Threestyle Wrestling


Johnny Cook- Coach of 122 All Americans (Folkstyle, Freestyle, Greco Roman), 36 National Champions, 3 World Team Members, 2 World Champions, Multiple State Champions, Multiple State Team Champions

Tony Cook- World Junior Freestyle Champion, World Junior Greco Roman Champion, Multiple National Freestyler/Greco Roman Championships, Coached 106 All Americans (Folkstyle, Freestyle, Greco Roman)


Winter Session: September through Folkstyle Nationals (Early April) (Folkstyle)

Spring and Summer Session: April through Fargo Nationals (Mid to late July) (Freestyle and Greco Roman)

Location: Bentonville Wrestling  Academy

Practice Times

Winter Session: Sunday 3:00 pm, Monday 6:30 pm, Tuesday 6:30 pm (First practice Sunday, September 3rd)

Spring and Summer Session: Sunday 3:00, Wednesday 6:30, and Friday 6:30

Cost: September through Folkstyle Nationals (Early April) (folkstyle) $600 first child $300 for additional Brothers/sisters. April through Fargo Nationals (Mid to late July) (Freestyle/Greco Roman) $300 first child $150 for additional    Brothers/sisters.

Payment Methods: Folkstyle $600 up front, or $100 monthly until full amount is paid, or $20 per practice until full amount is paid

Freestyle/Greco Roman $300 up front, or $100 monthly, or $20 per practice

May pay cash or check. Make checks payable to Johnny Cook or Tony Cook.